The #1 name in RV pump equipment
OCT 9, 2012

Remco Industries™, the leader in RV Towing and Diaphragm Pump equipment launched their new website the first week of October 2012. The website has been designed to give consumers and industrial level customers quick and easy access to essential information about the Professional Grade line-up of products from Remco.

The series of pumps and accessories being introduced on the site include ProFlo™, ProFlo Ultra™, EconomyPlus™, PowerRV™, WaterMaker, and Custom. Also being introduced are the new SmoothFlo™ and ProFloEX™ Extreme diaphragm pumps.

SmoothFlo™ pumps feature an exclusive Remco technology called FloIQ™. FloIQ Technology Inside, pressure and flow are internally regulated, eliminating rapid pump and switch cycling completely. ProFloEX Extreme Pumps are engineered and built to handle fluids that are caustic or contain Surfactants.

Loftness' new website

With multiple products for multiple industries, the web architecture was designed to provide the most direct access to product information as possible. Essential to getting customers familiar with their product line, the site presents large detailed product imagery and complete specifications.

Visitors will appreciate the One-Stop-Shop experience when looking for new or replacement RV pump and towing upgrades and accessories. For customers searching for RV vehicle tow-behind equipment and accessories, the Towing section features “Tow My Vehicle”, a robust search function that helps customers find the exact match for their towed vehicle and RV. This on-line application organizes and presents the latest detailed information about the Remco equipment your vehicle requires to be safely towed behind your RV.

Whatever your requirement - RV, RV Towing, Agriculture, Industrial, or Filtration, or Custom Pumps, the friendly experts at Remco Industries are available to answer any question you may have. Contact Remco at - email:, or phone: 763-253-4740.