Replacement Pump Parts


(Includes sealed end bell)

Item NumberDescription
M382-S3300 No Switch, 2-pin Connector, Demand
M382B-S3300 No Switch, 2-pin Connector, Bypass
M582-S5500 No Switch, 2-pin Connector, Demand
M582B-S5500 No Switch, 2-pin Connector, Bypass
M70-563-JDS5500 No Switch, 2-pin Connector, High Performance
70-594-OO-DFatBoy® No Switch, No Connector, Demand
70-594-OOFatBoy® No Switch, No Connector, Bypass

Upper Housing Assembly

(Includes pump head housing, pressure control parts and assembly screws)

Item NumberDescription
UHA7863-7F773300 w/Pressure Switch - 5/8" Quick Attach
UHA7863-8F773300 w/Bypass - 5/8" Quick Attach
UHA7880-7F773300 w/Pressure Switch - Threaded
UHA7880-8F773300 w/Bypass - Threaded
UHA7803-7F773300 w/Pressure Switch - 3/4" Quick Attach
UHA7803-8F773300 w/Bypass - 3/4" Quick Attach
UHA5513-1E775500 w/Pressure Switch - Threaded
UHA5513-2E775500 w/Bypass - Threaded
UHA5503-1E775500 w/Pressure Switch - 3/4" Quick Attach
UHA5503-2E775500 w/Bypass - 3/4" Quick Attach

Lower Housing Assembly

(Includes housing, diaphragm, pistons, cam, and bearing)

Item NumberDescription
LHA7860-7F771.2GPM - Demand or Bypass
LHA7863-7F772.0GPM - Demand or Bypass
LHA5510-1E773.2GPM - Demand or Bypass
LHA5512-1E774.0GPM - Demand or Bypass
LHA5513-1E775.3GPM - Demand or Bypass

Valve Housing Assembly

(Includes valves and valve housing)

Item NumberDescription
VHA7863-7F773300 Series Pumps, viton
VHA5513-1E775500 Series Pumps, viton

Threaded Heads

Item NumberDescription
7880-8F771.2GPM w/Bypass
7880-7F771.2GPM w/Pressure Switch
7883-8F772.2GPM w/Bypass
7883-7F772.2GPM w/Pressure Switch
5510-1X773.0GPM w/Pressure Switch
5510-2X773.0GPM w/Bypass
5512-1X774.0GPM w/Pressure Switch
5512-2X774.0GPM w/Bypass
5513-1X775.3GPM w/Pressure Switch
5513-2X775.3GPM w/Bypass
PH-5538E-D7.0GPM – FatBoy® w/Pressure Switch
PH-5538E-B7.0GPM – FatBoy® w/Bypass

Quick Attach Heads

Item NumberDescription
7860-8F771.2GPM w/Bypass - 5/8"
7860-7F771.2GPM w/Pressure Switch - 5/8"
7863-8F772.2GPM w/Bypass - 5/8"
7863-7F772.2GPM w/Pressure Switch - 5/8"
7803-8F772.2GPM w/Bypass - 3/4"
7803-7F772.2GPM w/Pressure Switch - 3/4"
5500-1X773.2GPM w/Pressure Switch - 3/4"
5500-2X773.2GPM w/Bypass - 3/4"
5502-1X774.0GPM w/Pressure Switch - 3/4"
5502-2X774.0GPM w/Bypass - 3/4"
5503-1X775.3GPM w/Pressure Switch - 3/4"
5503-2X775.3GPM w/Bypass - 3/4"
PH-5518E-D7.0GPM – FATBOY w/Pressure Switch - 3/4"
PH-5518E-B7.0GPM – FATBOY w/Bypass - 3/4"
5916-9X774.0GPM – SMOOTHFLO - 3/4"
5917-9X775.3GPM – SMOOTHFLO - 3/4"